You Can Be A (Pseudo) Sommelier Too

international-wine-and-spirits-guild-logoReady to follow your lifelong dream to become a wine sommelier? The International Wine and Spirits Guild can make that happen, sort of, by offering both enthusiast and professional wine classes in Texas, Arizona, Virginia and a few other states. You can choose if you want to just improve your wine tasting knowledge to impress at dinner parties, become a Wine Tasting Judge, or go all the way to become a Master Sommelier.

Austin sommelier Daniel Kelada became involved with the International Wine & Spirits Guild to teach classes that would give serious wine enthusiasts the knowledge to continue pursuing their passion.

“It’s very approachable from the consumer perspective. They’re not represented enough, but they’re becoming very sophisticated with food and wine. What if you’re a consumer who wants to get the same level of education and the same access to wines and tastings as a sommelier? You have nowhere to go. The guild is the answer.”