Undiscovered Italian Wine Country

Collio WinesIf any area within Italy can be described as “picture-perfect,” the bucolic wine country of Collio with its rolling hills and vibrant mosaic of emerald green-hued vineyards is a destination worthy of that artistic depiction.

Located about an hour-and-a-half drive from Venice, in the Province of Gorizia, Collio is a crossroads of cultures, sharing a border with Slovenia and close to Austria. Situated in the northeastern-most part of Italy — between the Alps and the Adriatic sea — this region is a bit off the beaten tourist path and still considered ‘undiscovered,’ yet offers an ambiance of familiarity, warmth and naturally, plenty of wine.

The area specializes in crisp white wines, along with some reds as well. Collio’s indigenous grapes are malvasia, ribolla gialla, pinot bianco and friulano, which is one of the most famous varietals in the community (formerly referred to as ‘Tocai’). Another local grape, picolit, is considered rare, emitting a smooth, mellow and complex flavor. The region’s most distinctive offering, “Collio Bianco,” is a blended white that is made at over 100 wineries – and synonymous with the territory. Find out more at USA Today.