Family Time is Wine Time in Italy

ItalianDinnerIn Italy, the yearly per capita rate of alcohol consumption has long been declining, yet family expenditures on alcohol still reach into 2% of the family budget. Italian wine still pervades most spheres of life, consisting as a very large part of the Italian culture. So much so that if someone is said “to drink”, then they are assumed to be a very heavy drinker (“beone”) in Italy.  Wine is considered nourishment to the Italians, and was often a supplement to the diet of the lower classes that needed additional calories, provided by the wine. Wine is still considered to be a regular part of every day life, so no special circumstances are needed to bring this drink out.  Italy is divided into regions, and the northeast area, surrounding Venice, is considered to be the most frequent wine drinkers compared to the rest.  Beyond a regional distinction, there is a gender distinction in Italy, where it is said that women get drunk less often then men in regular culture, and in peasant culture this is even more pronounced, as women in this social class only drink on special occasions. There is also very little distinction based on the type of occupation someone holds.  Among youth, males drink more often than females, and wine is most often drunk at home with the family. Cin cin, la familiga!