How Do The French Drink Wine?

frenchwinedrinkersNo big surprise here, but France consistently has the highest annual per capita alcohol consumption in Europe.  This is largely due to the amount of wine consumption in the country.  However, recent trends have shown a decrease in wine drinking since WWII, and a general convergence among the EU nations. 

There exist major differences between the consumption of wine between men and women in France and this is linked to the idea of masculinity within the French culture.  Women tend to drink both lower quantity and lower quality wines, including wine mixed with water as a “lighter” drink.  Wine drinking is comparatively heavier in the wine producing regions of France.  The recent decrease in wine consumption in France has been tentatively linked to the less ritualized manner in which youth entertain themselves today.  

The moral of this story is everyone in France should put down their iPhones and have a glass a wine with friends more often.