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How to Make Opera More Dramatic? Hint: Cheers!

Does the addition of wine make opera more dramatic? The musical form of opera, long considered a synthesis music and literature, arose in cosmopolitan cities such as Milan, Vienna, Paris, Florence and Dresden — all places where royalty, wealthy nobles and rich merchants could commission operas to be performed. Also, consequently, all places where wine-drinking was a fundamental part of society… Read more →

Family Time is Wine Time in Italy

In Italy, the yearly per capita rate of alcohol consumption has long been declining, yet family expenditures on alcohol still reach into 2% of the family budget. Italian wine still pervades most spheres of life, consisting as a very large part of the Italian culture. So much so that if someone is said “to drink”, then they are assumed to be… Read more →

Undiscovered Italian Wine Country

If any area within Italy can be described as “picture-perfect,” the bucolic wine country of Collio with its rolling hills and vibrant mosaic of emerald green-hued vineyards is a destination worthy of that artistic depiction. Located about an hour-and-a-half drive from Venice, in the Province of Gorizia, Collio is a crossroads of cultures, sharing a border with Slovenia and close… Read more →