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How Do The French Drink Wine?

No big surprise here, but France consistently has the highest annual per capita alcohol consumption in Europe.  This is largely due to the amount of wine consumption in the country.  However, recent trends have shown a decrease in wine drinking since WWII, and a general convergence among the EU nations.  There exist major differences between the consumption of wine between… Read more →

Rosé: Going All In 24/7/365

Whenever I reach for a glass of wine that appeals to my nose, palette and thirst – it’s a glass of rosé. Not the cloyingly sweet variety, but the dry, earthy, limestone-enriched shimmering pale salmon colored-elixir that comes from vineyards all over the world. One of my favorites this past summer was the Miraval Rosé 2014 by Château Miraval – a super dry sumptious wine from the… Read more →