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Burgundy: An Overview

From Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant Newsletter – July 2017: Simply mentioning the word Burgundy is enough to raise the blood pressure of most serious wine lovers. In eastern central France, two hours west of Switzerland, Burgundy is nestled between the wine regions of Champagne to the north, the Jura to the east, the Loire to the west, and the Rhône… Read more →

Rosé Forecast: Summer 2016

Because everything is better behind ​rosé​-colored glasses. As temperatures soar and summer takes full effect, it can only mean one thing: rosé season is upon us. This means it’s time to hit every rooftop and outside escape with a pink-hued bottle in tow. Whether you prefer a more full-bodied pick or something with a little more zing, this is what’s new in the rosé… Read more →

How to Make Opera More Dramatic? Hint: Cheers!

Does the addition of wine make opera more dramatic? The musical form of opera, long considered a synthesis music and literature, arose in cosmopolitan cities such as Milan, Vienna, Paris, Florence and Dresden — all places where royalty, wealthy nobles and rich merchants could commission operas to be performed. Also, consequently, all places where wine-drinking was a fundamental part of society… Read more →

Wine is Still No. 2 for Germany

Germany has long been known as a “drunken” country and this comes from its long tradition of appreciating delicious German beer and alcohol in general.  A noted difference between German and French culture is the fact that women in Germany will often join their husbands and friends in drinking sessions, while in France drinking is generally a boys-only activity. German wine is the second… Read more →