“Brosé” Wine Trend takes off in US Market.

RoseOver the last five years, many local and national wine retailers, like Total Wine, have seen a multifold increase in dry rosé wine sales, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Chateau Miraval rosé. Several market observers have also said rosé wine is becoming increasingly popular with men, earning it the brosé nickname in some circles. That awful nickname notwithstanding:

‘It reflects an increasing maturity of wine culture in the US. We are seeing customers enjoying rosé throughout the year, not just in the summer, although summer months dominate.’

According to the marketing group, Vins de Provence, evidently the US wine industry no longer groups dry rosé wines together with sweet blush wines. It’s about time! Recent figures have showed that so-called blush wines saw their volume share of wine sales had fallen over the previous 12 months;  White Zinfandel was down 10.5%. But, dry rosé wines increased volume share by 5.1% in the same period, according to Vins de Provence. It’s about time!