Are Spanish Wine Drinkers Taking a Siesta?

WineDrinkersSpanish wine is woven into the everyday culture and is the social lubricant for Spaniards, especially around festive times and certain ritualistic occasions.  Wine is also heavily woven into the culture of eating in Spain, and many consider meals or even snack like tapas to be incomplete without it. As one of its vital economic activities, the large amount of wine production in Spain correlates to large consumption levels of wine within the country. Unfortunately in recent years, other alcoholic beverages have gained ground on wine as the alcohol of choice.  This comes from a similar trend as that seen in France, where the youth now attempt to drink for the purpose of getting drunk, and thus do not drink expensive wines.  The classical idea of drinking in Spain involves what is called “proper drinking” where a person knows when and how to drink.  Something of special note in Spain is that the drinking culture revolves around their time schedule for different times of the day, i.e. siestas.  Thank goodness wine drinking is very popular in the tapas bar scene in Spain, which is an essential aspect of their social scene. Ole!


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